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Rarity & Community Engagement Tools

While trait rarity is important, it's hardly the only thing people care about. They want to buy things that look nice. And Vibe Wars helps you quantify that.

Visual voting system

Our ELO-based visual voting system lets your community definitively rank which items are most visually appealing.


Get your entire NFT project ranked, creating additional value for every item in the collection.


See what members of your community are most active on Vibe Wars and reward them for participating!

Item profiles

Every item has its own profile page with ranking, voting stats, traits and more!

Discord app

Install the Vibe Wars Discord app and let your community vote directly from your Discord server, creating a fun environment for everyone.

Trait filtering

See your collection ranked by visual appeal and also filter by traits to narrow down exactly what pieces someone may want!

Wallet rarity

Every Vibe Wars user can connect their wallet and see their entire collection and visual rarity all in one place.


By adding your project to Vibe Wars, you instantly get exposure to all the other communities and users, bringing more awareness!

Simple, one-time pricing

Lifetime Membership

Get your project and all of Vibe Wars tools for life. No monthly fees, no hidden costs. Just a one-time payment and you're set for life.

What's included

  • Vibe Wars platform

  • Private Discord support

  • Promotion on social channels

  • All future features

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0.2 ETH

Price increases by 0.1Ξ each month